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Add SecureCode to Your MasterCard Debit Card

United Community Bank’s Mastercard Debit Cards now feature SecureCode which allows a layer of added protection to keep transactions private.

Mastercard SecureCode is a private code for your Mastercard account that provides an additional layer of online shopping security. Only you and your financial institution know what your code is – merchants aren’t able to see it.  SecureCode works with your existing Mastercard account. Plus, it’s east to activate and use.  More than one million online merchants in 122 countries support transactions made with SecureCode.

Easy Enrollment:

  1. Enter your card number – Click the “Sign Up” button, find United Community Bank of ND and create your private code. Use it every time you shop online at a participating merchant.
  2. Verify your identity – To enroll, you will be asked to confirm your identity by providing answers to security questions.
  3. Create your Secure Code – Once you have answered the security questions, you will be asked to create your secure code.
  4. Once you have created your SecureCode, enrollment is complete and you are ready to begin shopping online.
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