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COVID-19: Message from Bill Kuntz, UCB President & CEO

For over 100 years, we have been serving our customers in North Dakota. During this time we have stood with you in good times and bad. Through bumper crops, droughts, blizzards, peace and wars, we have been here for our communities and our customers. Now is no different.

In response to the Covid-19 crises, which has caused unprecedented change in our communities as schools are closed, events cancelled, and businesses suspend their activities, United Community Bank is available to lend a hand. During the crises, we will continue to be partners and take the necessary measures to assist you. Once the crises is over, we will work to quickly get you up and running. UCB staff are monitoring federal and state assistance programs that become available through the banking system, and will be ready to implement them. Please contact us with your questions or concerns.

We are as committed to your success as ever, and are proud to serve you as an employee and director owned community bank.


Bill Kuntz, CEO & President

United Community Bank, An American Bancor Company 

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